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Color Your Event Amazing with Uplights and a Digital Gobo

Set the Mood With Uplights

Color your world beautiful with uplights to create a breathtaking and bold look with color. Uplights are perfect for accentuating, complementing, or emphasizing the theme or colors for your special event. Strategically place uplights to accentuate the dance floor, show off the venue's architectural details, spotlight the banquet centerpieces, or bathe the venue in gorgeous shades of your favorite color.

Trip the light fandango and highlight special events with uplights. Rock holidays with classic holiday-hued color schemes. Roll with sports events in your team's shades. Corporate events are professional and polished in the colors of your organization's logo. Light up the night with the birthday boy's favorite hue. With a professional-quality sound and light system, your special occasion is set to be a delight that people remember for years to come. Whether you're in mood indigo, feeling simply red, want a night in white satin, or are mellow yellow, we can provide any shade that you can conceive of and make your unique event or wedding dream stand out in living color.


Add More Visual Interest with a Digital Gobo

Another great way to set the mood with lights is with a digital gobo. What is a digital gobo? Basically, a digital gobo is a computer file that is displayed using a projector. Digital gobos are used in many events such as gala dinners, award ceremonies and wedding events to provide visual interest. Digital gobos are a great alternative to banners and signs. Also they can be used to create patterns, shapes and imagery to go with the event’s theme. 

If you are in need of uplights or a digital gobo for your next event, call Profound Entertainment LLC. We offer very reasonably priced uplighting and digital gobo options with our DJ services.

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