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Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties Sparkle with Profound Entertainment

When you want your holiday parties to stand out from the everyday, make your next festivities magic with DJ private parties. Have your favorite music perfectly played to get your guests on the floor. With a fantastic mobile DJ system setup of sound and light equipment, your professional and friendly DJ will craft a set-list with your favorite sound stylings. Your DJ private parties are always ready, willing, and able to take requests, and as an experienced MC, he is a master of ceremonies at sharing announcements, toasts, and congratulations.
Celebrate a rocking New Year's Eve, sensational Single's Valentine Ball, brilliant St. Paddy's, excellent Easter, fabulous Fourth of July, and, of course, all the wintertime wonderland festivals of lights and warmth. Plus your milestones: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, work promotions, art openings, and moving-in introductions: Get your DJ private parties.
A Festival of Uplighting
Highlight the holiday magic at your festival party with uplighting, an illumination technique that transforms your space into a wonderland of color. Then capture it all with our open-air style photo “booth” services. Guests enjoy on the spot 4” x 6” photos to take home as fun mementos, plus, you can share digital copies with all of your online media.

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