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Make Your Event Truly Fun!


You're planning an event for your business, and while the food and ambiance are important, the real key to its success lies in entertainment. It is the heart and soul of every event and we are here to deliver that experience for you.

We Are Your Ultimate DJ Services


Whether you are hosting a product launch, a holiday celebration, an annual dinner, or a client-appreciation event, our highly experienced DJs are versed in mixing a variety of music that transcends all age groups bringing everyone on the dance floor!


Our DJ services are highly acclaimed for matching the pulse of the crowd, reading the room just right, and blending all types of music with seamless transitions. They're not just playing surefire hits, they're curating a flow that keeps your event moving and your audience engaged!

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Profound Entertainment, you're getting more than just music – you're getting the life force that propels your event forward. Our DJs are the finest in Chicago, not only for their mixing skills and musical knowledge, but because they understand it's your event, and they're there to cater to your guests' interests.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us and we aim to immerse your audience in a musical expedition tailored to your event's theme and people involved. We turn your ordinary occasion into an extraordinary spectacle!

Your Event Deserves the Best

Make your event an experience that will raise the bar so high, it will be the talk amongst your esteemed guests for the upcoming years. Be it a rhythmic Latin extravaganza, a classy Jazz night, a vivid Pop dance party, or anything in between our DJs sync with the mood of the crowd, creating fascinating melodies that hook everyone.

Take Action Today!

It's time you add a wow factor to your event. Don't settle for less when you can have the best. Revitalize your event with our versatile and dynamic DJ Services.

Take the first step towards an unforgettable event, book with us now and make your event a mesmerizing melody that resonates with everyone present!

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